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About Us

Yes... we’re a small, growing business with a really big vision, and with a mountain to climb!

Simply put, we build sustainably sourced UAV/drones, at ultra-high volumes, for a low cost per unit, to meet the demands of enterprise organisations around the world. Our aerial platforms are tailored for both the commercial and pro-consumer markets.


To achieve ultra-high volumes of production we have selected proven, industry based methodologies operated in a sustainable manner.


Our aerial platforms are available to our value added partner network to develop their own electronic and accessory packages through our Partner Network Programme.

A big part of our vision is to create a closed-loop production and supply chain,  to reduce delays and production reliance from unfriendly countries, thereby guaranteeing a seamless supply.


Please use our Contact Form to get in touch or, continue to visit the website as we update it.

Our Team

Meet the ShadowVu team.  We are a growing team, with a wealth of experience.  Feel free to reach out to us, we're a friendly bunch!

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