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About Us

Yes! we’re a small business start-up that’s got a really big vision, with a small mountain to climb.


Simply put, we intend to build UAV/drones at ultra-high volumes for a low cost per unit, to meet the demands of militaries around the world, especially within the NATO family. We will also be participating in the Commercial and Consumer markets.


Our greatest advantage is that we have no corporate machine determining how and what we do. This makes us incredibly flexibility in what we do, how we do it and right now, where we do it.


To achieve ultra-high volumes of production we have already selected proven industry based methodologies operated in a sustainable manner.


We’re also making our aerial platforms available to partners to develop their own electronic and accessory packages through our Partner Program.

ShadowVu's name originated from the words, Ultra-High Volume Suicide Drones. This was as a result of the studies carried out originally for solutions to aid Ukraine in it's fight in the illegal war being prosecuted against it today.

A big part of our vision is to create a closed-loop production/supply chain to reduce our reliance on unfriendly countries, therefore guaranteeing supply without political encumbrances.


Today, we are still in the early stages of development with our two current designs in proof of concept mode… tooling partners in selection, a list of machines to be acquired, suitable facilities to be found and a talent list being created. However, we expect that within 6 months, we can be manufacturing at levels not seen in the drone industry today.


We are happy to talk partnerships and investment, so please use our Contact Form to get in touch or, continue to visit the website as we update it.

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