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Light Show Drone

Light Show Drones

Drones for light shows are rapidly becoming a feature for large entertainment events, as a welcomed replacement for firework displays, by addressing both safety and environmental concerns recognised today.

ShadowVu has developed a dedicated model that can volume-built, at a reasonable cost.  In addition, packaged to provide a ready-made Drone Light Show starter pack for businesses.

Our drone, QC1-D, is designed to meet the demanding needs of operators around the world.

Drone QC1-D

Using the same low-cost production methods for our Defence Drones, we have created a Light Show Drone with the QC1-D and equipped each drone with RYBW LEDs.

It features the core technology embedded within our defence drones, with a custom body in Black. Designed for ease,  it can be easily maintained and stored, allowing fast parts interchange.

Getting started

Download our Drone Light Show Start-up Brochure. 

For additional detail and pricing, please use the Contact Form.

ShadowVu QC1-D Light Show Drone
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