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ShadowVu - FW1 and QC1 UAV Drones_edited_edited.jpg


The FW1-M and QC1-M drones are designed for multi-mission operations and can carry various custom payloads.

Both airframes can be adpated by our partner for your specific aplication.

They are quite simply the best “bang-for-the-buck”, in comparison to existing competitor solutions world-wide, especially where large volumes are required for a competitive price.

The airframes can be specified, by the client, for high volume manufacture  from 1,000 to 1 million plus units.

Client and partners can specify, performance packages, electronics for autonomous flight, comms, sensors, custom payloads, as well as paint and markings for their specific application.

We can build your order within 90 days

Your specification can be built within 90 days from order.

Please use our Contact Form to begin a discussion.

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