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Partner Network

It's a pleasure to introduce you to the ShadowVu Partner Network Programme to you.


Core Values

ShadowVu has core values, to focus on developing relationships based on trust, similar beliefs, transparency, and continuous feedback to create long-term partnerships that is profitable for both organisations. 

Partner Integration

In principle, ShadowVu Ltd, is happy to work with partners to integrate their technology into our platform as a custom volume build (CVB), medium volume build (MVB) or, as a low volume production (LVP) and the Ultra-High Volume Build (UVB) run.  Our definition is;

  • LVB  - 1,000 units MOQ

  • MVB - 10,000 units MOQ

  • CVB - 100,000 units MOQ

  • UVB - 1,000,000 Units MOQ


We are flexible and happy to consider volumes in-between these numbers or, greater.


Partners can develop their own payloads to fit in our platform, or we can work with you to develop a custom payload to fit your application.



For Defence applications, it goes without saying that we’re happy to work NATO/OTAN countries and others not restricted by ITAR regulations. However, when it comes to keeping World Peace, we are unable to assist some countries with the export of our product via our partners and partner network. This is restricted.


Partner Requirements:

  • A commitment to a LVB production run with a Purchase Order and a Deposit.

  • Adhere to the ShadowVu core values and restrictions.

  • Adhere to the use of ShadowVu Brand and assets.  We welcome joint marketing and sales collaborations.


Please use the Contact Form to register your interest.

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