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Wednesday, 27 September 2023

A quick peek at the New Drone Show Drone from ShadowVu Ltd…

Download the full press release .PDF here.

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A quick peek at the New Drone Show Drone from ShadowVu Ltd…

Following on from the recent announcement introducing two new military drones to the UAV market, ShadowVu Ltd, has just released some teaser details of a new drone design, this time intended for the civilian market.


The QC1-D, is a Quad-copter design, specifically for “Drone Shows”. Drone shows, are becoming a feature of many large events globally, replacing fireworks in many cases, due to fire precautions and safety concerns, although mostly for their incredible animated digital designs.


Typically, one drone represents one pixel and when you consider that most shows typically use less than 2000 drones at one time, they are still now only at the beginning of what is possible. Just imagine these numbers doubling, with even larger numbers possible. This will not only increase resolution, but will also make the displays more animated, very sophisticated and at a much lower cost to an operator.


Many of the advantages of its Military drones are incorporated into the QC1-D and due to the ultra-high production methodologies being employed, ShadowVu Ltd will, along with its partners, be able to supply more drones specifically designed for this purpose, at a more reasonable price than its competitors.


ShadowVu Ltd’s, Founder, Jim Thomson says “I am even more confident now because of the very positive reception to the military drones, that all manufacturing can be completed here in the UK and the QC1-D Drone-Show-Drone is an exciting first step towards the civilian market… we have more solutions based on our platform coming”.


ShadowVu Ltd is open to discussions with interested parties such as drone show operators, developers, potential partners and investors.


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