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ShadowVu - FW1 and QC1 UAV Drones_edited


Get ready to take your operations to the next level with our

FW1-M and QC1-M drones!


These multi-mission drones are fully customisable and can carry a variety of payloads tailored to your specific needs. Not only are they the best value for your money, but they can also be manufactured in high volumes to meet your demands.

The airframes can be specified, by the client, for high volume manufacture  from 1,000 to 1 million plus units.  Sourced responsibly, meeting many ESG standards.

Client and partners can specify, performance packages, electronics for autonomous flight, comms, sensors, custom payloads, as well as paint and markings for their specific application.

With our quick turnaround time of just 90 days, you can have your dream drone built to your exact specifications.


Contact us today to get started by clicking on this Contact Form

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